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  • Challenging the Recipe Book Approach to Service Management

    Challenging the Recipe Book Approach to Service Management

    Enough of practice without reason It may seem like an over embellishment but I’ll say it anyway.  I love best practice, I love process and I am a fan of anything to do with the plethora of disciplines, frameworks, standards, approaches, ethos and methodologies available to IT and service management practitioners today.  Like most practitioners,
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  • Devopathy – beware adding dogma to DevOps

    Devopathy – beware adding dogma to DevOps

    Devopathy is a system of alternative DevOps practice created at the top of the DevOps hype cycle by nefarious vendors and consultants, based on their doctrine of like cures like (similia similibus curentur), a claim that an approach that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy information systems would cure similar symptoms in sick
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  • Gaining the edge, shaping the future

    Gaining the edge, shaping the future

    ISACA South Africa Annual Conference The theme of the ISACA South Africa annual conference held in Johannesburg was ‘Gaining the edge, shaping the future’. The event included tracks covering (Cyber) Governance, IS Audit, Privacy & Security, Women Leaders in Technology and Cybersecurity. This is a summary of the key takeaways from the sessions I attended.
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  • An Opportunity to “Engage”

    An Opportunity to “Engage”

    The conference season is starting again and I am off to BMC Engage next week. It will be interesting to see and hear what is new at this giant of IT. I am lucky to be invited to events from industry-leading technology companies and this is one event that I would be crazy to pass
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  • Training – Online or Not Online?

    Training – Online or Not Online?

    Whilst there may always be people who prefer the face-to-face experience of classroom training, there are many benefits to online training that should be considered when determining which method of training to utilize. Here are my top considerations when determining whether to take your training online. Cost – It is far more cost effective to
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  • DevOps – Accelerating IT Evolution

    DevOps – Accelerating IT Evolution

    Shifting tectonic IT plates This metaphor occurred to me on a recent trip to New Zealand, on the realisation that somebody made the mistake of positioning this otherwise admirable country right on top of a fault line. The Pacific plate is doing its best to push the Australian plate in a westerly direction but the
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  • Governance shouldn’t be ‘Us & Them’

    Governance shouldn’t be ‘Us & Them’

    My last blog on this site was linking sports – total football in that case – to the ideas behind DevOps. Maybe that got me thinking about sports and ITSM topics. Whatever the reason, an allusion came to me in a recent training course when a discussion opened up around governance. One of the delegates
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  • Who is Your Customer?

    Who is Your Customer?

    Language is important Seemingly innocent questions can provide revealing answers. Just think about asking somebody in an IT department “Who is your customer?”. More often than not, the response will point to one or more business departments that the IT department supports. This positions the IT department as the business’ order-taker. The business demands; the
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