The Future of Privacy, Security and Anonymity in the Digital Age


Freethink’s latest series Coded raises tough questions about cybersecurity and personal privacy

The data war is in full swing. Governments, corporations, and malicious actors are all trying to gain access to your personal information. Data security has become just as important to the global economy and human rights as free speech and the rule of law.

Coded, the latest series from Freethink, introduces viewers to the entrepreneurs, programmers and activists who are working to protect digital rights around the world.

“From the minute we are born we leave a digital footprint,” said Clay Broga, co-founder of Freethink. “As technology continues to advance and we become more connected, we need to have serious conversations about our digital rights.

Coded hopes to spark those conversations and inspire entrepreneurs to find answers to the tough questions of security and privacy in the 21st century.”

Over the course of six episodes, Coded gives viewers unprecedented access to the companies and people who are helping to protect consumers and corporations from malicious attacks and unconstitutional breaches of their financial information, their identities, and their freedom.

These entrepreneurs are taking on the challenges of secure communication, free press and even the security of your DNA.

Coded launched on January 23, delivering an episode each week for six weeks. Coded is the fourth original series released by Freethink. Freethink’s first three series – Superhuman, The New Space Race, and Challengers – have been viewed more than 12 million times.

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Kirstie Magowan

Kirstie Magowan

Kirstie Magowan is the managing editor of IT Chronicles. Kirstie is an experienced journalist and publisher who has been working in the IT Service Management industry since 1999. Kirstie is a regular speaker at industry conferences globally.