• 5 Big Data Predictions for 2019

    5 Big Data Predictions for 2019

    It wasn’t so long ago that big data was the sole reserve of big businesses – massive, global corporations with equally big budgets. Only these organizations could afford the otherwise prohibitively expensive technology, skilled data scientists and channels needed to collect, store, analyze and draw insights from vast, vast quantities of data. Today, however, the
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  • The Evolution of Cloud Computing – Where’s It Going Next?

    The Evolution of Cloud Computing – Where’s It Going Next?

    Embracing cloud computing solutions is becoming increasingly paramount for organizations looking to drive their business forward over the coming years, with the roles of CTOs and CIOs having to evolve in step. Even though “digital transformation” continues to be the big buzzword of the moment, with coverage of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and
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  • Cloud Computing – Not “IF” but “WHEN?”

    Cloud Computing – Not “IF” but “WHEN?”

    New research indicates that it is not a case of whether or not an organization will adopt cloud computing, it is a matter of when that will happen, if it has not already. Organizations across industries are unanimously adopting the cloud, or are considering doing so, according to a new study conducted by TriCore Solutions, application management specialists.
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  • The Data Center is Dead

    The Data Center is Dead

    The Postmortem on the Data Center Data Centers are dead. There will never again be a need for big expensive, underutilized rooms in corporate campuses. Enterprises will never have to attempt to acquire and maintain skills and capabilities that are difficult to attain and add no direct value to business operations or success. The data
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  • Are We Finally In The Cloud?

    Are We Finally In The Cloud?

    A ‘cloud-first’ way of working Twenty years ago Sean O’Sullivan and George Favaloro predicted a world where cloud computing was the norm and the world would look to cloud first, rather than considering in-house service options. ServiceNow commissioned ReRez Research (Dallas) to conduct a survey which targeted 1,850 respondents in seven countries, on four continents. They
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