• Vendor performance management – Part 1

    Vendor performance management – Part 1

    Addressing the challenges with an ITSM system Today, the number of service vendors per company keeps increasing. This may be stimulated either by the need to reduce the number of in-house IT support staff through outsourcing several IT functions (e.g. maintenance of the ERP or the customer portal), or by the desire to provide service
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  • The End of Incident Management (as we know it!)

    The End of Incident Management (as we know it!)

    Can you imagine an ITSM world without Incident Management? While important, Incident Management (IM) is one of the most inefficient (and sometimes ineffective) ITSM processes. So much of the success (or failure) of IM depends on human interpretation.  What is the consumer seeing?  What kind of day is the consumer having? What does the consumer
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  • Service Request Catalog: Failing to Fail

    Service Request Catalog: Failing to Fail

    Many IT organizations fail at their first attempt to go online with Service Management via a Service Portal or Service Request Catalog. Today I’ll look at some of the reasons why and provide suggestions for succeeding the first time, through widespread engagement combined with an agile growth that maintains momentum throughout your efforts. Before beginning,
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  • ITIL vs ITSM: What is the Difference?

    ITIL vs ITSM: What is the Difference?

    Understanding the difference between ITIL vs ITSM and the difference between Help Desk vs IT Service Desk is important if an organization wants to have a clear and accurate view of how it currently provides IT support. This type of knowledge is important for setting short-term and long-term goals for IT Service Management organizations that
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  • ITSM – The Twisted Framework

    ITSM – The Twisted Framework

    Wednesday, 08:06am The coffee in my go mug was already cold when I left my apartment, so although I made pretty good time, considering the morning traffic, I was now 20 minutes grumpier before even getting out of the car.  Spring was still struggling in, and I snugged my hat down so the chill breeze
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  • Configuration Management, Why bother?

    Configuration Management, Why bother?

    Some Pros and Cons about implementing Configuration Management In order to discuss the Pros and Cons of anything, you must first establish and agree upon the Goals. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and seeking the same results. It is also important to cover, at a high level, the major activities that should
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  • SIAM – What’s all the fuss about?

    SIAM – What’s all the fuss about?

    Service Integration and management (SIAM), like ITIL® before it, appears to have originated from HM Government (UK). References to SIAM began to emerge in the UK in the late 2000’s purported to provide a framework to obtain better value for money from multi-supplier service engagements. Lately its adoption has increased globally due to the increasingly
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  • The Cloud, DevOps and Service Desk vNext

    The Cloud, DevOps and Service Desk vNext

    I have been wanting to blog about the combination of Cloud and DevOps and Service Desk – the subject of a presentation I did with Kathleen Wilson at itSMF USA Fusion 15 earlier this month. It covered some of the lessons learned and changes in approach that were required to grow cloud scale services. Also,
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