Has the Future of Writing Been Altered by NLP and AI Paraphrasing Tools?

The future of writing with paraphrasing tools

AI paraphrasing tools are software writers use to rewrite a text to achieve greater clarity and remove duplicate content. Paraphrasing tools powered by NLP and other AI-based algorithms are known to help writers differently. These tools have altered traditional methods of writing.

Manually paraphrasing requires a lot of time and effort; this is a sub-skill you must learn as a writer to do it effectively. Due to the challenges faced by writers in paraphrasing, these tools emerged. 

Such tools have immensely changed the way of writing different copies, and because of AI integration, these tools are learning quickly, and in the future, it may eradicate the need for writers. 

This post will discuss how NLP and AI-based paraphrasing tools alter writing. 

Paraphrasing Tools And Their Applications 

Paraphrasing tools at first were text-spinning tools that would change every word with synonyms. Such texts were not readable; thus, these tools were not trusted by any professional or academic writer. 

However, these tools have significantly improved thanks to natural language processing and artificial intelligence. It can now generate content that is unique, readable, and compelling. 

Computers cannot read human spoken or written language. This issue is overcome by using NLP, which is a set of techniques that changes the text in a way that it is readable by a computer. After that, other AI algorithms help in altering and generating near-human results. 

AI paraphrase tools have one function: to rewrite any provided text and generate unique and feasible text. So, the uses can vary a lot, but commonly these tools are used by: 

  • Writers to generate content regularly 
  • Students to write assignments and other academic-related copies 
  • Bloggers to craft creative articles and blogs and update outdated content 

Apart from these, people from different domains dealing with text use these tools to their advantage. 

Practical Demonstration of Using a paraphrasing tool; Is it an effective way? 

Using the paraphrasing tool is relatively easy, and any user with basic internet knowledge can get the results from it. All you need is to open a website that offers a paraphrase tool, copy or type in the text in the

However, the question that arises more often is whether you should rely on this software for your professional or regular paraphrasing needs. 

To answer this question, we will run a test where a text will be paraphrased using a paraphrase tool to help you understand how these tools work and whether they are worth using or not. For this test, we have used paraphrasingtool.ai as an example. 

Original text from Itchronicles.com:

This tool offers different modes and claims to provide different results in each one. So, let’s paraphrase the exact text in two other modes to note the difference in the paraphrasing: 

Near Human Mode

Creative Mode

Here you can see the tool initiates several actions in the provided text. As you can observe, it has changed some words with relative synonyms and some sentence structures are changed too. 

Overall the resulting text has the same meaning as the input text, and as compared, the quality of the generated text is high. 

Not only is the text improved and readable, but it is also unique and can be used anywhere without worrying about plagiarism. 

The Effect of NLP and AI Paraphrasing tools on writing

Writing is not easy, and only some people with a good grip on English can write. However, dedication to learning and practicing regularly can help you get better. 

However, as humans, we tend to find shortcuts to complete work with minimal effort, which is why paraphrasing tools are gaining popularity. As these tools can help you complete hours of work in minutes, they are being used by millions of writers around the globe.

Machines are not 100% effective every time and have yet to achieve a level of a human writer, meaning you have to be good at writing to see what mistakes these software make.  

Total dependency on these tools can create issues in the long run. For instance, if you use this tool for every writing work, you might need to learn more about how to write yourself. 

However, if you want to use this tool for your assistance, they can help you finish your work as well as help you enhance your writing skills. This tool is helpful in many scenarios like: 

Busting writer’s block

You may sometimes run out of ideas and face writer’s block as a writer. This tool can paraphrase text in different ways, which you can use, learn from and use the same techniques when writing manually. 

Improve quality

As a beginner, you may commit many mistakes in your copies. Also, you might need better grammar and sentence structure to write a compelling and readable copy. These tools can rewrite the same text, which is easier to read and understand. You can read and adapt the different techniques used by the tool and use it in your future writings. 

Remove Plagiarism 

Plagiarism can occur when you have little experience. Copying someone else’s work is unethical and should be avoided at all costs. 

However, even if you try to avoid plagiarism in your text, unintentional plagiarism might still occur and to prevent this, all you need is to scan your document on the reputable plagiarism checker and if plagiarism is present, paraphrase the text using the Plagiarism Remover mode. 

Only using these tools for your work won’t help you much, instead, use these as inspiration and enhance your writing skill. 

So, the future of writing is not affected much as these tools only work as a helping hand for the writer, allowing them to conveniently do their work without wasting effort, time, and money.


AI and NLP-based paraphrasing tools have recently gained massive popularity because of the accurate results it offers. The question that is frequently asked is whether these tools have a positive or negative effect. 

Paraphrasing tools have the sole purpose of assisting writers in different scenarios, as discussed above, which can prove helpful, and writers can learn a lot from the tools. 

So, if used properly, these tools prove to be a good thing and should be used when faced with issues in writing.

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Asad Shehzad

Asad Shehzad

Asad Shehzad is the founder of Paraphrasingtool.ai, a website that helps people paraphrase their essays and papers. He is also a researcher for AI Projects, where he studies the feasibility of artificial intelligence in various industries. Asad is an avid learner and loves to explore new things. He is also a fitness enthusiast and likes to stay in shape.