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Agility and Prioritized Backlog


This is the third blog in a 6-part series about Process Governance in an Agile Environment with Thorsten Manthey, Director at Tata Consulting Services. You can read the earlier articles introduction, part I, and part II, please find here.

In the last weeks, we’ve discussed the importance of establishing a process/product owner for each critical process, and talked about management versus governance. This week we talk more about the Strategic Process Roadmap or prioritized backlog.

In today’s Agile environment, with business priorities changing rapidly, the Process Owners ensure the prioritized items identified in the Strategic Process Roadmap are the Features and Enablers to be worked on next. 

The Strategic Process Roadmap (prioritized Backlog), together with the CSI register (Additional features and enablers to consider), are how a Process Owner ensures the “just-in-time” priorities and improvements are being addressed. 

Industry frameworks such as Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban can be used to ensure fast feedback and that “fail fast” approaches are being used. For example, the Features and Enablers are refined into smaller User Stories that can be managed on a Kanban board or implemented within a 2-week sprint. 

Agility, fast feedback, a Lean mindset, and just-in-time decisions, together with the “fail fast” approach will enable the Process Owner to meet the business needs l in an accelerated manner. 

The Product Owner (Process Owner), for example, works together with the Scrum Master (often the Process Manager) and the development team (Process practitioners and technical resources) to refine Features and Enablers into User Stories that should be brought into the Kanban board or Sprint.

Next Monday we will continue the discussion in the article, The Information Gap Between IT Leadership and IT Operations. Until then!

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