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Introduction to Intelligent Swarming – A Value Delivery Model

Intelligent swarming calls on a pool of relevant analysts to solve a problem

How quickly can any organization respond to and avert a material threat to the life of the business? When John Soza, CEO of XYZ Ltd. read in BBC News about the Meltdown and Spectre bugs, he immediately contacted Susan Excello, CIO, asking, ‘What’s the risk? What’s the impact? Is our data safe? What else must we do?’ Across the organization staff heard the news and recalled with concern the losses caused by the recent ’WannaCry’ virus that disabled a suite of computers across a competitor’s organization.

Susan called on the Service Management team who had been using a new service model, Intelligent SwarmingSM. Using profile information, they quickly brought together key analysts to assess the risk. The recommended options were soon tested and implemented. A group of KCS publishers assisted with the release of knowledge articles through several channels for just-in-time use. Through Intelligent Swarming and Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) practices, XYZ Ltd. provided the CEO, partners and key customers clarity in their engagements with products and services that may be impacted by the Meltdown and Spectre bugs. Consequently, XYZ Ltd. maintained services and customer confidence.

To achieve this coordinated speed of response, useful knowledge needs to flow smoothly through processes and technology, delivering vital information across platforms. Knowledge workers must work quickly, collaborating, and sharing what’s learned to promptly solve problems and deliver knowledge to critical communication channels.

Recent research conducted by the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI) members[1] taking the concept of self-organizing teams to a wider level has shown significant results in delivering customer value. The Intelligent Swarming methodology is a new way to align resources to work. Sometimes called collaboration on steroids, Intelligent SwarmingSM involves removing the tiers of support and, when appropriate, calling on the collective expertise of a ‘swarm’ of most relevant analysts.  With Intelligent SwarmingSM, a network of experts solves problems through dynamic teaming and collaboration, facilitated through cross-functional and cross-geographical interactions.

Self-organizing teams and are able to quickly leverage collaborative interactions in the swarm to generate knowledge. Valuable, re-usable knowledge is systematically created and refined naturally in the workflow for future use.

Leaders looking to move to digital transformation and increase customer value need to prepare their teams for a more complex activity of collaboration. Intelligent SwarmingSM is a collaborative support model that helps organizations in making the shift to a fully networked organization focused on service excellence.

Greg OXton will be speaking on Intelligent Swarming in WellingtonGreg Oxton, Executive Director, Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI) will be presenting on Intelligent Swarming, as one segment of his Executive Briefing on KCS and the Future of Support. Join other leaders looking for insights the ‘how to’ of delivering extraordinary customer value.

Wellington, New Zealand on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Register early for this one-off opportunity to attend and learn from Greg Oxton, subject matter expert and thought leader on Customer Value.

For details of this and other Australasia CSI events visit: – kcsfuture

This is a Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI) event. CSI Members are offered a discount on registration.

KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation

Intelligent Swarming is a service mark of Consortium for Service Innovation

[1] Consortium for Service Innovation™ (CSI) is a non-profit alliance of service and support organizations focused on innovation around customer engagement, productivity, and success. Members (45+ businesses) collaborate to share thinking and research in Service Innovation. The results are new strategies and models that improve the customer experience. Members include Autodesk, Avaya Inc., BMC, Cisco, DELL Technologies, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Intel, MindTouch, PTC, RedHat, Salesforce, SAP, SDL, ServiceNow, TOPdesk, Zendesk, among others.

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