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10 Top Categories on IT Chronicles in 2021

top ten categories

At IT Chronicles, we’ve learned that reporting on the expansive world of IT and business technology can be daunting. From the advancement in AI to the rapidly changing world of FinTech, we’ve covered dozens of different technology topics impacting enterprises, small and medium businesses, and even everyday people. But what kind of technology information resonated with our readers over the last year? Were there top categories or topics people wanted to know about more than others? 

We recently unveiled the Top Ten Blogs on IT Chronicles for 2021. This week, let’s take a deeper dive into the top 10 Top Categories on IT Chronicles over the last 12 months.

10. Automation

automation - top category

Whether it’s a simple process application that automates a rudimentary or repetitive task to robotic process automation in industries ranging from the insurance industry to manufacturing, automation was a hot topic on IT Chronicles. As people look for new ways to work and increase productivity, interest in the broad category only grows.

9. Business Continuity

business continuity vs. disaster recovery

It might be surprising to some people that Business Continuity broke into IT Chronicles top 10. But given the pandemic and its continued impact on the world, ensuring a business can keep going when the unexpected happens brought the importance of business continuity to the forefront. In 2021, IT Chronicles helped readers understand what business continuity is all about, provide guidance on creating a business continuity plan, and give insights on what to do in worst-case situations. 

8. DevOps

DevOps - top categories

DevOps brings together the best of software development and IT operations, both trending industries in Technology. In 2021, IT Chronicles highlighted DevOps, DevSecOps issues that delighted our community.

7. Information Security

OT Security

It’s no wonder why Information Security, especially related to cybersecurity, was a hot topic on IT Chronicles. From tips to preserve your own information securely to specific industry information on cyber security prevention, information security dominated our headlines and readers’ interest in 2021. 

6. IoT

Internet of Things - How to Secure it? A top category

IT Chronicles featured dozens of articles on the Internet of Things, and readers responded by making IoT the 6th most popular category on IT Chronicles. From IoT platforms and types to IoT deployment challengeswe brought our audience virtually everything they needed to know about the Internet.

5. Big Data

big data in business

What exactly is big data management? Who uses big data? And how does it work? Inquiring minds wanted to know in 2021, and we responded with a series of articles devoted to helping readers understand Big Data. As the amount of generated data continues to grow exponentially in the future and with the rise of new technologies and infrastructure to handle that massive amount of data, this category will be sure to be in the headlines for years to come.

4. Artificial Intelligence

AI Technology

Who would ever imagine that two little letters, AI, would have such an impact on the world? In 2021 Artificial Intelligence was everywhere, which was true of IT Chronicles. From articles on how AI impacts the fashion industry, Google’s algorithms, insurance, FinTech, and more, IT Chronicles was at the forefront of AI’s impact on everyday business and life. 

3. Human Resources

Human Resources Technologies

Just like the importance of Business Continuity drove readership to ITC, so did the challenges and changes in Human Resources. From HR planning for a remote and hybrid workforce to the advancements of HR technologies, readers came to IT Chronicles to learn about HR topics like never before.

2. Information and Communication Technology

Information Communication Technologu

Information and Communication Technology yields tremendous benefits for individuals, institutions, and society at large. But questions surrounding safety, data privacy, sustainability, and trust drove our readers to this category in 2021.

1. Technology 

Are we too dependent on Tech?
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Concept. Neural networks and another modern technologies concepts. Robot finger, robo advisor, Big data, robotic future technology and business concept. Technology sci-fi concept, hi tech.

Given that IT Chronicles focuses on the world of IT and business technology, it might seem obvious that a technology category would take our top spot, and two of our most popular blogs helped catapult the top category of 2021. Initially published in 2020, the article, Does Technology Make Us More Alone, which dealt with the loneliness people experienced despite being hyper-connected, was one of our most popular articles. The other popular article, Are We Too Dependent on Technology, asked readers what would happen if we had to go without our gadgets. Together, this timely catapulted Technology to our number 1 category in 2021.

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