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  • Learning to express yourself effectively – itSMF Norway 2016

    Learning to express yourself effectively – itSMF Norway 2016

    Elaine Eksvärd – an expert in rhetoric We all love hearing the professional keynote speakers at ITSM conferences. They are entertaining, usually give you something to laugh about and, something to inspire you, or maybe they were just someone famous and you can brag to your friends and family that you heard them speak. It
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  • Conferences – The Business Case

    Conferences – The Business Case

    A costly exercise Conferences are great, aren’t they – exhausting, but pretty good nonetheless! Unfortunately it can be a pretty tough road getting your boss to agree that there is a business benefit to your attending what appears, on the surface, to be a bit of a party. There are no two ways around it,
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  • Making Software Compliance Reporting Easier

    Making Software Compliance Reporting Easier

    Audits increase importance of accurate reporting Software Compliance reporting is a topic that is growing in importance every day in our world. Whether they are called audits, license reviews, or snapshots application producers want to know how much of their software is currently deployed within a customer’s environment. The challenge is, how we collectively in
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  • Questioning Service Management

    Questioning Service Management

    An Interview with Charles Betz One of the Keynote speakers at the itSMF Norway ‘ITSM with Superheroes of the World’ conference, being held in Oslo, April 12-14 is Charles Betz. Having spoken with Charlie on many occasions and having had the pleasure of co-hosting a number of AllThingsITSM Global Podcast recordings with him, I knew
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  • The itSMF UK SIAM Special Interest Group

    The itSMF UK SIAM Special Interest Group

    Providing value to the ITSM community Globally the IT Service Management Forum has provided opportunities at conferences, branch meetings and other events for members to share their knowledge about ITSM with the wider community. One of the keys ways this knowledge is shared is through the Special Information Groups (SIGs) that many itSMF Chapters have
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  • Are You a Good Customer?

    Are You a Good Customer?

    A case for Service Provider Satisfaction Surveys By now we’ve got used to service providers sending us emails with customer satisfaction surveys. Some are short and sweet and others long and uninviting. But when you consider that service is all about co-creation of value by provider and consumer, it’s obvious that not only the service
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  • When ITSM Fails the Hero Rides to the Rescue

    When ITSM Fails the Hero Rides to the Rescue

    A double-edged sword Over the past couple of years I have done a lot of speaking at various ITSM events about the issue of the IT Superhero. I have come to understand that this knight in shining armor carries somewhat of a double-edged sword. I still think that reliance on heroes – our single points
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  • Strategic Incident Management

    Strategic Incident Management

    The intersection between operations and strategy When most people hear “incident management”, something operational comes to mind. Like restoring IT services after a glitch in a business process due to an IT outage or malfunction. Although annoying, the glitch is ‘just one of those things’ that happen from time to time. So we have a
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