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Coding in India – Women are Stepping Up to the Challenge

  1. Coding is becoming less of a male dominated domain, at least that is how it seems when you consider the participation levels for women in a recent coding competition, held in India.

Coding is moving out of its male dominated stereotype and into an all-encompassing field where gender, background or geography plays no role in determining the opportunities available to a person. This year’s TechGig Code Gladiators 2017 has set a new record of over 47,000 women coders registering for the event.

What is even more inspiring is that, over 29,000 women were able take on, and complete, some of the toughest coding challenges in India’s biggest coding arena. This represents a huge 148% increase over last year, where about 11,000 were able to complete the first round.

In addition, there were 130 women coders who scored over 90% in the first round, compared to just 42 in last year’s event – a massive 210% increase in success.

“We are proud that Indian women coders are showing the world how inclusivity can be achieved in the Tech industry. Code Gladiators has become an institution in India, and we are delighted to be able to provide top coders such platforms to benchmark themselves against the best in the country and showcase their skills to the world,” said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head,

In addition to coding, Code Gladiators is promoting a number of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and BOT Technologies, where technology experts can explore their own readiness and benchmark their skills in these upcoming areas.

Speaking of emerging technologies, Marie-Louise Elhabre, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Business Services said, “India has seen great growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence and BOTS, an indication of the growing knowledge workers in this space. We are looking to fuel our digital transformation strategy by leveraging Robotic Process Automation capabilities to deliver on our customer-centric goals. TechGig gives us the platform to evaluate the AI BOT skill set in the country. We are also looking to further our culture of innovation internally at AXA and use TechGig’s platforms like Code Gladiators to bring together our employees and our external audiences to collaborate on designing niche solutions. We believe TechGig events boost our industry outreach program.”

With the preliminary and semifinals being over, the best coders and techies from across Indiawill converge for the Grand Finale in Bangalore to meet, network and compete for top honors – not to mention a whole lot of cash!

More details of the finals are available on the website –

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