We need to articulate the value of DevOps to the business and show its effect of CAPEX and OPEX

Sell me this DevOps

Having already written about both DevOps in Kill DevOps and the challenge of selling IT initiatives to ‘executive hair’ in Sell me this IT, I

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A great group of people got together to discuss the state of ITSM at the itSMF Norway conference

The State of the ITSM Union

Superheroes discussing IT Service Management People often surprise themselves when they are given a task and put under a bit of pressure. Such as in

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successful event management requires that both sides work together to achieve a successful outcome - 'one hand washes the other'

A Series of Symbiotic Events

Event the Third: One Hand Washes the Other Having earlier set the groundwork for why relationships are a fundamental part of successful event management, I

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