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Five Ways to Build Your Brand Through Content Marketing

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While content is the driver of online marketing, branding is one of the most pivotal pillars to today’s businesses. Long gone are the days when people shopped anywhere. Today people often prefer shopping in one place that is a place they recognize and trust. The competition existing between businesses today makes it rather difficult for a business to build on its brand. However, the good news is that with content marketing this is made possible.

Do consumers recognize your business and do they know what you stand for which makes you different from your competition? The effort is a basic question that well-crafted content can help answer thus building your brand. You can build your brand with content using the following ways.

  1. Understand your audience

The main reason for creating any content is for a particular audience. For this reason, it is imperative that you understand your audience so that you can create content that will help boost your brand with them.

There are basic questions that need answers to help understand your audience. These questions include who your audience is? What are their tastes and preferences? What are they searching for in the process? Where and how can you find them? What might interest them?

Upon understanding your audience, you can now focus on targeting them. Answers to the questions mentioned earlier and any other relevant questions will form your targeting strategies and goals.

If you successfully target your audience, then you can target them further even after they have completed their first business transaction with you or they can come back on their own because they liked what you have to offer.

  1. Unique selling point

It is quite difficult to differentiate businesses today. What consideration should happen is the flooded market with so many businesses offering similar products or services. However, one way you can differentiate your business from others is by having a unique selling point.

Unique selling point or USP is a product or service that differentiates your business from similar businesses. Having a USP in your content marketing is a great way to differentiate it from the many similar contents online. You can create separate dedicated landing pages to display the USP’s of your service and then you can add a dedicated content into it. Another way round is to include your USP’s to your home page like adding customers experiences, offers & client testimonials in it just like Youi an Australian company did to attract customers on the homepage itself.

One content marketing strategy is to  take similar contents from the industry and make it unique by offering different yet almost similar content. Alternatively, you can lead your business in coming up with fresh content. The action will help your business to become a pioneer who will make you stand out in the industry.

  1. Create visually attractive content

The truth is that there is so much information available online such that people barely remember let alone look at normal content for long periods of time. If your content fails to stand out, then you will notice that you have a high bounce rate.

However, visually attractive content often get more attention than those that are not equally as attractive. One way to guarantee that you have visually attractive content is by having multimedia content. It can be in the form of a combination of images, words or videos. Another way is to ensure that the design of your content is good.

Visually attractive content marketing will keep people on your platforms long enough for you to convert them. It can also make your brand stand out from similar businesses. People will often look at you and want to know more or even recognize your business in future through your visually attractive content.

  1. Relevance

With over 4.2 billion searches per day, controlling how you show among search engine users can be a little difficult let alone on the other platforms. Without proper planning and consideration through your content marketing strategy, you can show up when people do not need you or your business.

To help with relevance, you can employ the following:

  • Use tools such as Google keyword planner and Bing’s keyword research tool to help you know what your potential customers are searching for and the terms they are using in their search. Once you know the frequently used keywords, you can centre your content on these.
  • You can also do a market segmentation to help you know what content is for which audience and understand what they are seeking.
  • You can also employ localization where applicable. Localization can be a great tool especially if you are a business targeting people within your service area.
  • Accurately describe your content with meta tags. Use title tags and meta descriptions that are attractive, concise and accurate.
  • You can also write blogs about your products and services. Blogs are a great way to add fresh content about your business which will help create relevance. You can use the blog to respond to changes such as those of your practices or those of the preferences and tastes of consumers in the industry. Blogs can also be a great way to add a personal touch to the business with interactive and entertaining content.

Why relevance? Relevance can help people respect and identify with your content. They will know that when your business shows up anywhere, then it is because that content is relevant. Additionally, having relevant content can help you rank highly.

For example, search engine algorithms often rank websites highly with relevant content. The comparison, in turn, results in them ranking like among the first options and people mainly trust the first options. The action will, in turn, build trust and recognition among online users who will boost your brand.

  1. Use analytics and tools to track progress

Metrics play a vital role in content marketing. Vital quantities such as the CTR, bounce rate and conversion rate are key indicators of the performance of your brand.

Great brands often have great metrics that are constantly improving. For example, a great brand has a conversion of about 75% and higher. When these numbers comparison happens to those of the previous period, then you may realize an improvement to let’s say 78% from 75%.

Such brands often have great metrics due to their content marketing. Their content can be convincing or inspirational or entertaining or even educative. The people that often come into contact with these contents do their instructions by the call to action which raises the conversion rate.

However, in case your brand has metrics that need significant improvements then use the metrics to guide you on the areas needing improvement.

Building a successful brand takes time and effort. Having great content is one of the most promising and rewarding ways to build a brand. Having a strong brand will often translate to the growth of the business.

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