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  • Business – IT Relationships

    Business – IT Relationships

    Behave Yourself…Or Else! When I contributed to GamingWorks’ book ‘ABC of ICT’ in 2007, little did I imagine that, ten years later, I’d be writing about the series of business-IT behaviour workshops that I have conducted across more than ten countries, and how my participants’ opinions relate to the top ten issues according to the
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  • The Data Center is Dead

    The Data Center is Dead

    The Postmortem on the Data Center Data Centers are dead. There will never again be a need for big expensive, underutilized rooms in corporate campuses. Enterprises will never have to attempt to acquire and maintain skills and capabilities that are difficult to attain and add no direct value to business operations or success. The data
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  • TFT13 – Mark Smalley and Panel – How to Speak Dutch IT

    TFT13 – Mark Smalley and Panel – How to Speak Dutch IT

    Ever since the Dutch adopted and promoted ITIL in the nineties, they’ve had a reputation of being some of the major movers and shakers in IT Service Management. Whether that’s still the case is up for debate but there are still many Dutch IT Management concepts that seem to puzzle the rest of the world.
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  • ITSM Singapore Leadership Congress – A Review

    ITSM Singapore Leadership Congress – A Review

    As I pack my bags heading back to India, I wanted to share my initial thoughts and experiences of the recently concluded itSMF Annual Conference on 21st March 2014 at Park Royal Hotel, Beach Road. The Theme of the Annual Conference was “ITSM Leadership Congress” that witnessed 125+ Delegates, 11 Speakers, 10 Sponsors, 6 countries,
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  • A Project Management Parable

    A Project Management Parable

    Project Chicken From time to time, particularly at project management conferences, I tell a little story about when my father, in his late eighties, decided that he wanted to start keeping chickens. This was a couple of years after my mother died, shortly after their sixtieth wedding anniversary. He lived independently on the outskirts of
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  • Configuration Management, Why bother?

    Configuration Management, Why bother?

    Some Pros and Cons about implementing Configuration Management In order to discuss the Pros and Cons of anything, you must first establish and agree upon the Goals. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and seeking the same results. It is also important to cover, at a high level, the major activities that should
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  • Resistance to Change – It Can Be a Good Thing!

    Resistance to Change – It Can Be a Good Thing!

    Whenever a change is introduced into the organization there will inevitably be resistance to it. Whether it is a change to an ITSM process, a change in supporting technology, or a service improvement initiative, it will impact people and therefore resistance to change will occur. Every person is different and will react to change in
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  • SHIFT Happens!

    SHIFT Happens!

    Welcome to SHIFT, we are pleased to see you here! I guess the first question to answer is the obvious one – ‘What is SHIFT?’ SHIFT is a virtual community of passionate professionals in the IT products and services market.  We are an open and transparent organization loosely structured to help organize, rate, and promote the most
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