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  • Federal Agencies Lack Tools to Deal with Cyberthreats

    Federal Agencies Lack Tools to Deal with Cyberthreats

    With cyberthreats continuing to represent major risks to government and private enterprises globally, there is still considerable work to be done to ensure that organizations are able to deal with the reality of cyberattack quickly and competently. Two-thirds of federal IT executives in a new survey say their agencies are moderately-to-highly prepared to withstand a
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  • Computer Skills to Put on Your Resume

    Computer Skills to Put on Your Resume

    In the digital economy, technology is constantly changing how we live, work and consume, and there’s barely a job in existence that doesn’t require a basic understanding of computers, and many involve intermediate to advanced computer skills. For some positions, the required skills may be as basic as sending emails or posting tweets. For others,
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  • Be part of the same dream – Service Management

    Be part of the same dream – Service Management

    Panel discussions are so boring. Well, often. Particularly when the panellists agree with each other and drone on for ages about their pet topics. So I wanted something more attractive for ‘my’ modernizing service management panel discussion at the itSMF Norway conference. I call it my session because I was the host. But it wasn’t
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  • Bring Your Own Eco-System

    Bring Your Own Eco-System

    Just a few days after my last blog (published on the ViFX website) on the growing need for remote support as BYOD gets bigger, this fresh story came in from CIO magazine: The main point raised here is that companies are still catching up with how personal devices are being used on the network, and
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  • Census Taking Goes Digital

    Census Taking Goes Digital

    Digital data collection is going to speed up the process of gathering population data in Egypt during the 2017 census, starting this month. Fujitsu announced today that it will be supporting the Egyptian government in its first ever digital census. Fujitsu will be providing its Stylistic tablet devices along with data center services to collect
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  • DevOps Enterprise Summit – London 2018 – Agenda Released

    DevOps Enterprise Summit – London 2018 – Agenda Released

    IT Revolution (, the industry leader for advancing DevOps, has announced that the DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2018 conference agenda is now live. The DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2018 (DOES18) features technical, architectural and experience reports from leaders that have pioneered change through DevOps. The event takes place 25-26 June, 2018 at the Intercontinental London –
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  • Gaining the edge, shaping the future

    Gaining the edge, shaping the future

    ISACA South Africa Annual Conference The theme of the ISACA South Africa annual conference held in Johannesburg was ‘Gaining the edge, shaping the future’. The event included tracks covering (Cyber) Governance, IS Audit, Privacy & Security, Women Leaders in Technology and Cybersecurity. This is a summary of the key takeaways from the sessions I attended.
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  • ITSM – The Twisted Framework

    ITSM – The Twisted Framework

    Wednesday, 08:06am The coffee in my go mug was already cold when I left my apartment, so although I made pretty good time, considering the morning traffic, I was now 20 minutes grumpier before even getting out of the car.  Spring was still struggling in, and I snugged my hat down so the chill breeze
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